Are you thinking of heading your way to Serbia? That’s a good choice! Serbia is a Southeast European country in the Balkans that’s popular for its nightlife especially in its capital, Belgrade.

And as time goes by, Serbia is getting more and more popular with tourists all over the world. Aside from the fact that this country has some of the most beautiful architectural buildings and rich culture, it still has more interesting and surprising facts!

Upon visiting here, you’ll be amazed by how the Serbs treat their visitors, get hooked up with the country’s stunning views, and you’ll totally feel safe wandering around the country without the threat of any bad circumstances. These are just some of the known facts about Serbia. But these are just the tip of the iceberg. There is still a lot to explore in this beautiful country.


If you want more information about Serbia, then we’ll give you that! Check out these cool things to know about Serbia that will make you want to visit this country more!

1. Serbia is one of the reasons why you get to eat those delicious raspberries. It is one of the biggest exporters of raspberries all over the world. In 2012, it provided almost 95% of the world’s raspberries. 

Facts about Serbia
Photo by Dejan Krsmanovic CC BY 2.0

2. What do you first think of when you heard the word “clock”? You probably think of the Swiss clocks. But do you know that the Serbs invented clocks 200 years before the Swiss did?

3. There’s a village in Serbia wherein everything you see is all made of stone. It is called the “Stone Village of Gostusa”. It is situated on the slopes of Mt. Stara Planina. All houses are built out of stone, mud, and other natural materials. These houses are still in use up to this day. 

4. Almost one-fifth of the rulers of ancient Rome was born in what is now the modern-day Serbian Soil. 

5. If one of your bucket lists is to see the Grand Canyon of Colorado but you’re worried about the expenses to go there, then worry no more. Serbia has the Temstice River, this river will remind you of the grand canyon as it looks exactly like it!

6. If you’re into nightlife, then head your way to the Belgrade, Serbia’s capital. It has one of the best nightlife in the world. 

7. The 500,000-year-old Mount Rtanj in Serbia has a very unique shape. It looks like a pyramid and no one knows why it is like that. Some theories say that it is an alien mothership that landed thousands of years ago. 

8. Do you know that some of the most popular scientists including; Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin, Milutin Milankovic, and Mileva Maric to name a few are all Serbs?

9. Serbia surely has a lot of nature mysteries. One of the best examples is the Povlen Globes. The origin of these huge stone globes is still unsolved. Some people claim that they have healing powers. Others say that aliens created them. However, scientists say that they are a result of volcanic activity. 

10. One of the largest Orthodox Churches in the world can be found in Serbia. It is called the Church of Saint Sava.

Facts about Serbia
Photo by watchsmart CC BY 2.0

11. It is believed that the first vampire was Peter Blagojevic. He was born in Serbia and records to say that he became a vampire after his death and had killed 9 of his villagers.

12. Do you know that three Serbs participated in the first moon landing?

13. If you want to swim and relax at a beach, Serbia is not the place for you. This country is landlocked, you won’t find any beach here.

14. From 1992, Serbia and Montenegro joined forces and form a union. However, they became independent again in 2006.

15. The word “Serbia” is a Greek word that means “land of the Serbs”.

16. Serbia is a small country. It’s actually smaller than South Carolina in the United States.

Things To Do in Belgrade, Serbia

17. The official name of Serbia is the Republic of Serbia.

18. The currency used in Serbia is the Serbian Dinar. But other currencies like euros and dollars are accepted.

Facts about Serbia
Photo by Alpari Org CC BY 2.0

19. Serbia shares a land border with fellow Balkan countries including Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, and Romania.

20. There are a total of 70 various species of animals in Serbia. That includes bears.

21. The most expensive cheese in the world called “Pule” is made from donkey milk in Serbia. It costs at least $500 for 1lb of cheese!

22. One of the most interesting culture facts in Serbia is that they believe they will be unlucky or they won’t receive any from the Gods if they don’t treat their guests right. So when you visit this country, expect that Serbs will be one of the most welcoming and hospitable people you’d ever meet.

23. In Serbia, trees are bought for the New Year celebration rather than Christmas.

24. Serbia is consists of 30% landmass of forests.

25. Only almost half of the Serbs population use the internet.

26. Serbia has a total of 5 national parks. They are all worth to visit.

27. Serbs love drinking coffee. Like really a lot.

28. The tallest stone gates in Europe are located in Serbia. It is called the Prerasts of Vratna. 

29. Constantine the Great, a Roman Emperor was born in Nis, Serbia in 272 AD.

30. Serbia has a lot of Monasteries. Some of these are even from the 12th century! These monasteries are one of the reasons why Serbia is famous.

Facts about Serbia
Photo by Nenad Stojkovic CC BY 2.0

31. The Cyrillic and the Latin alphabets are both used in Serbia.

32. The Miroslav’s Gospel is the oldest Manuscript on the UNESCO record. It dated back to 1180.

33. Most Serbian last names end in ‘ic’.

34. In the Serbian culture, if someone shakes your hand, you should make eye contact. It is a form of respect and a good gesture in the country.

35. There’s a river in Serbia called “Year”. Although its real name is Vrelo, it got the nickname “Year” because of its length. It is 365 meters long.