The first kindergarten within Belgrade water front


The first kindergarten within the “Belgrade on Water” complex was officially opened today in the recently moved-in Belgrade Waterfront Vista residential building.

In the kindergarten “Futurino”, in addition to the residents of Belgrade on the water, children can be enrolled by residents of other municipalities, the educator of the preparatory group Nevena Ziljkovic emphasized, adding that the employees try to prepare children for school with the best methods.

“We are trying to provide children with something unique and unprecedented. We have years of experience in working with children behind us, and we will try to provide children with maximum comfort and all the necessary knowledge,” said Ziljkovic.

The kindergarten can accommodate about 130 children, said the owner of the kindergarten, Miljko Bakaj, and emphasized that the kindergarten is modernly equipped, with all didactic materials.

“We tried to equip it with the highest quality to please as many children as possible. There are more and more residents in” Belgrade on the water “, so there is a growing need for a kindergarten,” said Bakaj. READ ALSO: “Belgrade on the water” “spreads to the Fair

He emphasized that the kindergarten has its own terrace, with an area of ​​170 square meters, so that the children could be in the fresh air as much as possible, as well as a playground.

Within the kindergarten, as he added, there are five rooms, each of which has about 150 square meters, as well as a modernly equipped kitchen, on an area of ​​60 square meters.