Nikao restaurant in the area of ​​Belgrade on the water

26November 2014
Nikao restaurant in the area of ​​”Belgrade on the water”
The exhibition stand becomes “Strafta”. Owners Miroslav and Andrej Kesić
It seems that the stand near the Sava promenade, which is being made for the presentation of the “Belgrade on Water” project, will become the “Straft” restaurant. The company of this name, founded at the end of October, announced an advertisement for six chefs and pizza masters, stating that this restaurant is “the first facility within the project ‘Belgrade on Water'”.

Miroslav Kesić is listed in the APR as the owner of the company “Straft”, and Andrej Kesić is in the director’s position, otherwise known as the leader of several quite successful clubs in the capital, which are considered places of good nightlife.

Considering that the competition for chefs in “Strafta” is open until the middle of December, it can be expected that the restaurant will open before the New Year.

The building has been built, and currently the interior and a large terrace are being arranged in it. The back wall next to the railway is made of concrete, while the three remaining ones have a glass view of the river. Grass and ornamental trees are placed around the restaurant. The building occupies 670 square meters, cost about 500,000 euros, and was built on a green area.

This summer, the municipality of Savski Venac issued a decision on giving consent to build a temporary facility for the presentation of projects in that public space. The permit is valid until July 30, 2015, after which the stand must be demolished.