Kareem Bachour for legal consultation: Serbia in a profitable environment for investment, and our services are waiting your call

Kareem Bachour for legal

Translate: Nadia Smesme

“Kareem Bachour for legal consultation” ,, legal consultations are considered the first step any investor and businessman think about when making an industrial or an investment project, the importance of this step increases when the proposed project is in another country, which would raise many questions regarding the supportive legal environment.

The lawyer Kareem Bachour who is the owner of “Bachour for consultationand legal services” in Syria says: establishing investments, industrial, tourism, service and trade exchange projects, and all other projects all basically rely on a legal environment that regulates its work, to determine all cases, rights, duties, work regulations, contracts, and what is allowed and forbidden which are all according to the constitution rules thar are related to them and the local and international law rules in both commercial and capital money, and to establish companies, making trades, governance, and all financial regulations and laws that are applied by countries.

He adds in his discussion with “Serbia in Arabic”: for example, laws related to custom fees and taxes are the most important information that has to be known by an investor or a foreign resident before establishing his investment project.

Bachour continues; from here comes the importance of the legal consultation’s offices which can provide information and advices regarding the regulated laws for work in any foreign country. Explaining that, in case an investor decides to establish an investment project in a foreign country then the next step is to begin with the project on the ground and this starts with legal consultation’s offices that are responsible for making documents, contracts and the required approvals, which are supposed to be written clearly, agreed upon its meaning, compatible with laws and regulations, and accredited to ministries, governmental institutions, embassies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Bachour confirms that an internal system for companies and projects must be adopted, and for it to have the accredited official authentication,because every word and article within it has a clear legal, financial, personal and considerable affect. Pointing out that the suitable environment for investment requires that the company’s internal system, its contracts, legal documentations and the company’s relations with all other fronts are written in a tight legal manner, and most importantly to make the financial cases very clear to guarantee all rights before launching the project.

Bachour continues; from this logic, his office has the necessary experience to establish companies in Serbia within its internal systems, work contracts, and its relations with others. And the office has experience in the law of Serbia in this domain, and everything related to establish projects and companies and related to visa residence, the office also has experience in providing all legal services to every investor and businessman when they are thinking of making a project in Serbia and launch it, continue with it step by step to reach its achievement, and to keep working on it for the near and far future.

He adds, the office has experience in providing services to establish foreign companies and to regulate contracts, prepare the legal files to establish its headquarters in Serbia or to open a branch in Serbia. Also, to provide services for foreign and Serbian companies that have a desire to work in the Arabian environment, to provide everything thesecompanies needto resolve conflict through arbitration and give legal services to its clients and agents, through meetings and phone calls and internet, and what these companies need of legal consultations in different civil, penal and commercial laws.

The lawyer Kareem Bachour ends his discussion to say that the basis of providing legal consultationis to trust and be assured about the money capital from one side, and that the project will have an economical benefit and it will provide profitable financial income from another side. This is what the legal consultationoffice has to adapt in all articles, contracts and documentations that are advised to the owner of the project, and to give this advice as if the lawyer was the owner himself and with what is required of honesty, trust, assurance, subjectivity, commitment and responsibility towards the clients, and to present legal services in a professional way without hiding any service or advise.